Oh, America get over yourself

Dear America,

Yes, things aren’t good here right now. But why aren’t they good? Hmm, I could go into a long explanation of the ultimate failure of the Civil Rights Movement, the myopia of the Baby Boomer Generation, and the other research-driven and supported reasons for why we are in this predicament at the moment. The problem is that you don’t care. As both a trained Sociologist and a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I know a truth about you that you don’t want to read or acknowledge. Your personal experience is but one data point in a sea of 7.5 Billion data points. Your experience with a person or an ethnicity or a religion does not give you ultimate knowledge of that group. There are researchers who spend their entire lives studying ethnicity, gender, or religion and never claim to “know” with the authority of the average Facebook user. So, here is the truth, you are not special, I am not special, our knowledge is not special. It reflects only the experience that we have personally have and nothing more. It is not representative of the world around us, it is representative of us. What’s more, our experience and our memories are influenced by US.

You say that you want to make America great again. A presidential candidate can’t do that. Especially one with Antisocial Personality Disorder, look it up and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. Presidents really have limited power if you look at the structure of our government. Borrow your child’s government textbook or look it up if you doubt me.

If you want to make America great again then I have some real ways to do that.

  1. Be kind to each other.
  2. Volunteer for a cause that helps others.
  3. Embrace someone different from you.
  4. Try to understand someone’s point of view.

Most importantly, if your only reason for voting for a candidate is because you don’t “personally” like another candidate then you are doing it wrong.


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