It is not for me to decide

In the last year, I’ve had more than one “friend” ask me if I am still “pro-abortion.” I’ve always thought that term was strange, pro-abortion, I’ve never met anyone who was pro-abortion. Maybe some members of the white power movement support mass abortion of the mongrel hordes, but not a single person that I’ve ever met has wanted there to be more abortions. Wait, I’m getting off-track here.

The reason that they asked was because I was a new mother, to a precious little girl, and my pregnancy was life threatening and we both just held on for 29 weeks and 1 day. The thing that these friends don’t understand was that have my darling Queen solidified my commitment to the Pro-Choice movement in a way that not being a mother failed to do.

  1. During the 9 weeks that the Queen was in the NICU, I would often stay awake long into the night. One of the things that I often thought about was how lucky that I was. Even in the very beginning, when she would scare us half to death frequently. I knew that I was lucky because I remember being 19-years old and escorting a woman who had desperately wanted her child into a woman’s clinic. At her 20-week check-up, the doctor had found that the baby, a boy, was missing most of his brain, other organs were malformed, and he would die before he came to term. The doctor gave her a list of clinics and told her not to wait. She sobbed every step. Sometimes abortions are necessary. It is not your place or mine to tell this woman that she needed to carry her dying son and then his corpse. The mental cruelty of that is beyond belief.
  2. Being a mother is difficult. Yes, that was possibly the understatement of the day. Motherhood should be a choice. I know that statistically that most pregnancies are not planned but it should be the woman’s choice to continue the pregnancy. Not  everyone wants to be a mother, wants to be a mother right now, or dare I say it, should be a mother. Yes, I’m taking a stand, not every woman should be a mother and not every man should be a father. They will be bad at it and it will only lead to children with problems.

I’m stopping the list because the last and most important think that I have to say should be separate. It’s not my business, or your business, or the legislature’s business. This is a decision between a woman and her doctor. It may upset you, disgust you, or anger you, but unless you pinky promise swear to raise each child born as if it is your very, very own then you don’t get to force someone to have a baby. I know they are so sweet and cute inside the body and not needing anything, but soon it will be milk, diapers, and clothes. You’re onboard for that, right?


Celebrating 43 years of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 2016!



2 thoughts on “It is not for me to decide

  1. Kristen …. I agree with your position 100%. I have always been pro-choice, even before I knew what that term meant. If my precious granddaughter became pregnant, I would want her decision to maintain or terminate her unexpected pregnancy to be between her, the doctor, and her God. I don’t want members of the government, who know nothing about her or her situation, to dictate what she should do. So many innocent children die at the hands of abusive adults, and I often wonder if that child would have been better off if she/he had never been born.

    1. For me, it is difficult to understand the hubris of those unaffected by a situation to insist on anything.

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