Home alone with the dog

My husband and children have gone to Florida. It isn’t really a vacation, but a chance to see his mother who is in failing health and spend some time at the beach. I return to work on Monday and could not join them. It is strange being alone in a house that is normally occupied by SO MANY people. I know that my psychiatrist and psychologist both encourage me to take time away from time to time, but this is different. My short trips away provide an opportunity to completely isolate myself, regain strength, and return to my family happy and more whole.

Being home alone is nice. It’s quiet, maybe a little too quiet. I find myself checking the locks on the doors and making sure that the alarm is turned on. I’m never this nervous when I travel. Perhaps it is the overabundance of homework that I have as well. After 7 months, my fear of failure has returned with a vengeance.

Byron is pacing the house looking for his people. I’ve written two papers. Tomorrow there will be more homework to do and church to attend.

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