We all deserve better care

Thursday, my Dad dropped me off at Crisp Regional Hospital’s Emergency room because I had a migraine that just wouldn’t go away and didn’t get better.  I hurt so badly that I went in my pajamas and didn’t brush my wild hair. I’m not saying that I received bad care, the nurses and techs were great. But, I have sinking suspicion that the doctor didn’t bother to look at the medications on my chart. She said that that they were going to give me this cocktail of drugs that would make everything better.  For the record, it is Saturday and I still have a migraine.

The first two drugs were fine, Benadryl and phenergan. Though, I must admit that they didn’t do a damn thing. Then, I heard the nurse say that they were going to put Tordal on next. I sat up and said I am leaving AMA. The nurse looked shocked and named off a few other drugs that they could give me. I looked at her and said, I am not drug seeking. Each of the drugs that you have listed is contraindicated for someone taking lithium. It can increase my blood level to lethal. I have an app on my phone that tells me about drug interactions.

I wanted to go home. In my mind, I was remembering the time that I had lithium toxicity. In 4 days, I lost more than half of my hair. I was so sick that if it weren’t for friends I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed, eaten, or been able to drag myself to the bathroom. My vision was blurred to the point that watching television was worthless. I don’t ever want to go through that again. I especially don’t want to go through it when it was laziness on someone’s part. Yes, this cocktail was something that they do for many people and it works. Do you know who it doesn’t work on? People who it might poison. People who it could possibly kill. All it would have taken was a simple web search, an AMA approved app on your phone, or the lack of arrogance to believe that one size fits all treatment. Or, you, Dr. Southerland, could have just looked at my medication list and seen that I had one of the most well-known drug-interactions on record. Any of those… seriously, any of those would have been the right option, and you chose the wrong one.